Week to Week Bonus Midweek Quiz for 8/12/14

There's so much going on around the world and at home, we have an extra news quiz this week to test your current affairs knowledge.

Answers are below the quiz.

1: A new report names the top individual political spender in the country. What billionaire was number-one?
Hint: Not a Romney supporter

2: As of today, a new 72-hour ceasefire appears to be holding -- where?
Hint: The last ceasefire there didn't last the entire 72 hours

3: China has rejected U.S. calls for a calming of tensions where?
Hint: Well, it is kind of named after China

4: Turkey's prime minister, Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, has a new job. What is it?
Hint: It's a promotion

5: What happened to Hawaii's Democratic governor this past weekend?
Hint: No tea party challenger needed

6: Who are the Yazidis?
Hint: And why are they in the line of fire?

7: NATO said there was a high probability Russia would do what?
Hint: Go West, young men

8: Who is out of a job in Iraq?
Hint: He's Iraq's Hamid Karzai

9: A protest turned to violence in Ferguson, Missouri, after what happened?
Hint: We've seen this movie before

10: Washington political junkies are hotly pursuing the latest big story. Apparently, Senator Marco Rubio is undergoing a change that some think will destroy his chances of becoming president. What is it?
Hint: It worked for Eisenhower

11: California Lt. Governor Gavin Newsom announced his support for a 2016 ballot initiative supporting what?
Hint: The ballots will be distributed at Taco Bell

12: Who are federal prosecutors considering charging with murder in the death of former Reagan press secretary James Brady?
Hint: He has already served considerable time

ANSWERS: 1. San Francisco's Tom Steyer, a Democrat (he gave more than $20 million; in second place, by the way, was former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, who also mostly gives to Democrats)
2. Between Gaza and Israel
3: South China Sea
4: As of this past weekend, he's the first directly elected president of Turkey
5: Governor Neil Abercrombie lost a primary race to a fellow Democrat
6: The Iraqi religious minority group being attacked by the Islamic State militants
7: Invade Ukraine
8: Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki (the country's president asked the vice prime minister to form a new government)
9: An African-American teenager was shot by police
10: His hairline is receding
11: Legalization of marijuana
12: John Hinckley

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