The Pine Island Glacier's ice shelf in Antarctica acts like a cork in a bottle preventing melting ice mass from flowing into the ocean.
Human-caused climate change is now making glaciers lose snow and ice even more rapidly, scientists say.
And if climate change is not sharply curbed, the region could lose two-thirds of its glaciers by 2100, scientists say.
The village of Innaarsuit fears a devastating tsunami if the mountain of ice plunges into the sea.
A draft of a government report confirms the human impact on climate change -- and seems to contradict virtually everything that President Donald Trump has said about the issue.
Coastal ice has passed a critical "tipping point," a new study shows. And it doesn't bode well for the rest of the island's ice.
Until now, knowledge about glacier mass change in the region has been spotty.
Two "unprecedented" avalanches in once-stable western Tibet highlights the extent of global warming, researchers warn.