Just an-otter reason to love these marine mammals.
Its collapse would trigger severe and potentially irreversible consequences around the world.
Dead ringers for the lovable cartoon duo were found on an NOAA seafloor expedition.
The rarely seen deep-sea creature is the star of beautiful footage from a Schmidt Ocean Institute research vessel.
It resides thousands of feet below the ocean's surface and is rarely seen.
"I can laugh about it now," the "Jupiter's Legacy" actor told Jimmy Fallon.
The top dogs of the oceanic food web have been overfished to the point of collapse, a troubling new study says.
The administration is using COVID-19 as cover to pursue a full-fledged assault on environmental protections.
Struggling commercial fishers and environmentalists say the White House is exploiting COVID-19 to privatize the ocean.
These “floating cities” can have devastating consequences for life on land and sea.
It may sound odd, but lubricant is vital to ensuring this sea turtle survives its trip back to the ocean.
Researchers found that the oceans are dramatically changing due to climate change, the latest evidence of a warming world.
The Democratic presidential hopeful is betting offshore wind and new seafood policies can win her votes.
The planet’s largest carbon sink is a major focus at the United Nations climate summit in Madrid, Spain.
The finding could strengthen calls for a so-called “Blue New Deal.”
Marine researchers in Scotland called the discovery both "stunning" and "shameful."
If we care about a livable planet, commercial fisherman-turned-kelp farmer Bren Smith says we need a Blue New Deal.
Exporting plastic for processing overseas has been linked to ocean pollution.
Maine’s shrimp population has declined as its gulf waters have warmed, causing a shrimp fishing ban that may threaten the fishing industry indefinitely.
The Cirroteuthid octopus with billowing arms was caught on camera by researchers from the vessel E/V Nautilus.