"Nalia’s Law” was named after a survivor who was forced into marriage at the age of 13.
"Thoughts and prayers to my husband who just said I was 'over reacting.'"
"I could have walked away when Steve told me he was mostly interested in men, but I didn't. I felt something beautiful and true blossoming, and I stayed."
"My husband has the AC so low I’m sitting outside to get warm, how’s your day going?"
"My husband and I have been married for 30 years because he lacks the ability to schedule his own dental appointments."
The pop icon shared photos of her intimate wedding to husband Dalton Gomez, after dating the real estate agent for over a year
"We have reached the point where my wife is buying Tupperware to store more Tupperware."
"Wife and I are drinking outside on the deck and the neighbors are also outside having a massive argument so looks like our night just planned itself."
"The secret to marriage is finding someone whose chore preferences complement yours."
"My dog just yawned while my husband was talking to him and I totally get it."