Arguing about money, safety and school with your partner? You’re not the only one.
"My husband gets me to scream his name by doing his signature move of not leaving any toilet paper in the bathroom."
Tired of people on her Facebook timeline dismissing racism and the protests, Pamela Chandler decided to outline what she and her husband deal with.
Being stuck at home during the pandemic isn’t so bad when you live with your favorite person.
The star of "That's So Raven" couldn't help but gush over her wife of one month, noting, "She challenges me every day."
"Most people are surprised when they learn about my sexuality because they assume that having a husband means I'm straight."
"In our marriage we keep the magic alive by plucking each other’s rogue ear and chin hairs."
The "Call Me by Your Name" star and his family had been quarantining in the Cayman Islands for weeks prior to the announcement.
"Welcome to marriage. Here's the new way you fold towels."
"I just let my wife cut my hair and honestly the only difference between her and my barber is the amount of times she said whoops."