Casey Anthony

A 911 caller said George Anthony's vehicle veered off the highway and rolled over.
“I’ve seen her in the flesh, in my house," George Anthony said of his deceased granddaughter.
The infamous mom once accused of killing her 2-year-old daughter so that she could have more time to party has broken her silence.
A former private investigator alleges Jose Baez had an inappropriate relationship with Caylee Anthony's mother.
Pickell said he plans to lodge a complaint against Clothier with the Michigan Bar Association. Pickell did not respond to
When you encounter a child in crisis (and actually this advice works for people of any age in crisis) let them feel and express their emotions.
It’s been three years since Casey Anthony was found not guilty of murdering her 2-year-old daughter Caylee but attorney Cheney Mason told CNN she’ll never truly be free.
"Casey is aloof," Mason said. "She is kind of, I think, afraid of people... she's not real close to. We've had a couple of
Holler bought them from a woman who picked them up at a garage sale at Anthony's parents Orlando home in June. Anthony was
For them, "truth" is whatever comes out of their mouth. And, they say whatever helps them in that moment. Often, this habit lands them in desperate straights at which point their lies become more brazen.
Judge K. Rodney May "partially dismissed" EquuSearch's claims against Anthony, but did give the organization 21 days to file
The Jodi Arias trial reminded me of the first "Trial of the Century" which I had anchored for CNN nearly two decades before. The OJ Simpson criminal trial ushered in a new era of cameras in the courtroom and TV trial addicts.
This is not the first time Anthony, through her proxies, has reportedly expressed interest in the criminal justice field
"The characteristics of psychopathy include disregard and violation of other people's feelings, wishes and rights," Wendler