Dan Rather

The newsman likened 2020 to other turbulent times in history such as the Great Depression and added that he remained an optimist despite the country's deep divisions.
The veteran newsman's tweet to the president contained the best use of "dude" since "The Big Lebowski."
The veteran newsman put it into a context the president may actually understand.
It's "just not fair to rats" to compare them to Republicans now attempting to escape the sinking ship of Donald Trump, the former CBS News anchor tweeted.
"Cults generally don't end well," Rather warned on CNN.
"The president is praising almost any autocrat he can find."
The veteran journalist said the network's close ties to the Trump White House are "something we have to worry about."
The veteran journalist came up with one tasty retort.
Veteran newsman says Lincoln's "Team of Rivals" has given way to something else entirely.
In a “60 Minutes” interview with Dan Rather, Trump asks, “Does being captured make you a hero? I don’t know. I’m not sure.”