Within hours of his taking office, The Leader and his minions were lying about the size of His crowds, and chastising the press for not being sufficiently deferential to their new ruler.
The General Services Administration thought it was getting a bargain.
For the second time in less than a year, the U.S. government has hired Emirates, a massively subsidized, state-owned airline, to fly federal employees, this time between New York and Milan, Italy.
The largest school district in the country now has an LGBT community liaison.
On December 29 in the year 2005, I had a whim -- why not start a blog about LGBT issues? It would be a fun way to share information about the community, I thought. So my website guy got me started on the blogware platform and I was off. I was 35 and antsy.
The holiday break presents us GSA sponsors with the chance to rewind, reflect, and renew, and that's exactly what I plan to do. I plan to renew my commitment to my students, my school, and my community while taking advantage of the much needed two-week holiday break.
We must ensure that every single student that we are lucky enough to help learn and grow knows that they have value. They must know that they are worthy of praise. They must know that they deserve to be celebrated and not simply tolerated.
GSA ended up creating the second largest green roof in the U.S. at 550,000 square feet, and the third largest in the world. It's so big that a deer actually grazed on the roof, not realizing it was on one.
How can we support the LGBTQA youth at McGuffey High School and through Washington County and other rural Pennsylvania towns? Here's what we came up with on the ground in Southwestern Pennsylvania. We invite you to join us.
Jeffrey Neely, a General Services Administration regional commissioner who organized an extravagant Las Vegas employee conference, was indicted on fraud charges Thursday by a federal grand jury in San Francisco.
Neely orchestrated an $823,000 conference for government workers in 2010 that included custom blackjack dealer vests, commemorative
351 buildings that require structural repairs at an estimated cost of $147.50 million. 442 buildings that require investment