Patty Murray

"I am panicked and stressed," said Sen. Patty Murray (D). "We're going to be entering September and people are just going to lose it."
The proposal contrasts sharply with the stance of Republicans, who want to shield employers from coronavirus-related lawsuits.
The legislation put forth by Democrats would guarantee 14 days of paid leave for workers affected by the coronavirus outbreak.
The U.S. pays hundreds of billions of dollars a year in direct and indirect costs for a broken system, a new report finds.
The goal is to make it more affordable in America — and to improve the quality, too.
Senators say they have questions about student performance and fiscal transparency in the online school systems.
“The threat of a pandemic is serious, and it’s important families know we have a vigilant and experienced team in place.”
Sen. Patty Murray noted that lawmakers haven't passed an anti-harassment bill targeting Capitol Hill.
Democrats say they've neutralized the most controversial piece of Trump's "tip pooling" rule. But critics say the rest of the rule is still bad for workers.
While scandals in politics, entertainment and media have generated headlines, Sen. Patty Murray wants to shine a light on other workplaces.