Patty Murray

The veteran Democratic senator is now third in line to the presidency. "Well, today I’m second because Kevin McCarthy’s not speaker.”
A new ad from Sen. Patty Murray calls out Republicans, including her opponent Tiffany Smiley, for being a “direct threat” to democracy.
With providers struggling to find workers and parents struggling to find providers, two senators are out with a scaled-back proposal they hope can pass.
Washington Sen. Patty Murray (D) sent letters to the dollar-store giants asking that they turn over documents related to pay and working conditions.
Progressives are criticizing the party’s leading plan to expand child care.
It’s a new version of an old proposal from two Democratic lawmakers. But this time, a version could actually pass.
The paid sick leave passed to deal with the coronavirus pandemic ends next month. Sen. Patty Murray says this could spell disaster.
"I am panicked and stressed," said Sen. Patty Murray (D). "We're going to be entering September and people are just going to lose it."
The proposal contrasts sharply with the stance of Republicans, who want to shield employers from coronavirus-related lawsuits.
The legislation put forth by Democrats would guarantee 14 days of paid leave for workers affected by the coronavirus outbreak.