Republican Primary

His victory in the conservative district means he’s likely on his way to another term in Congress.
All signs are pointing to a staggering loss in Tuesday's primary for the Wyoming Republican, who is vice chair of the Jan. 6 House select committee.
As the Republican nominee, Lake will face Democratic Secretary of State Katie Hobbs in November.
Bowers, a longtime GOP stalwart, lost to former state Sen. David Farnsworth, who has called the 2020 presidential election the work of the devil.
The wealthy 35-year-old venture capitalist backed by billionaire Peter Thiel will take on Democratic Sen. Mark Kelly in November.
The challenger, John Gibbs, is due to face Democratic nominee Hillary Scholten in November.
Meijer, a Trump critic, is locked in a tense primary against former Trump administration official John Gibbs.
Interfering in GOP primaries is a questionable strategy, but it only works because of what the conservative base craves.
Cox’s win is a defeat for outgoing moderate Gov. Larry Hogan, who backed his rival.
House Speaker Paul Ryan declined the opportunity to endorse Donald Trump after meeting the GOP's presumptive presidential nominee, saying it takes time for the party to heal.