Republican Primary

Lauren Boebert, who has expressed support for the debunked QAnon conspiracy theory, has defeated a five-term GOP congressman in Colorado’s Republican primary.
Former Attorney General Jeff Sessions is heading to a runoff election for his old senate seat. The former U.S. senator from Alabama failed to win a majority of votes, falling behind former Auburn University football coach Tommy Tuberville.
The tea party hero who feels he made Trump possible in 2016 says he’s running in the GOP presidential primary to make amends.
A CNN host wanted to know what happened to make the president's longtime buddy flip so drastically from friend to foe.
So far, Nevada, South Carolina, Kansas and Arizona have all canceled their nominating contests.
After years of repeating some of Trump's most bigoted claims, the former legislator now says the president is a "racial arsonist who encourages bigotry."
The ex-GOP House lawmaker who railed against Muslims and trafficked in racism suggests he could make a "moral" case against President Donald Trump.
The former Illinois representative urges a new primary challenge for the "reckless" and "incompetent" president.
But he told a New Hampshire audience he’s in no great rush to jump into the 2020 Republican race.
Weld is the first major intra-party challenger against a sitting president since Pat Buchanan took on George H.W. Bush.