After a tragic accident in college, BJ Miller had to have three of his limbs amputated. Now, Miller uses his experience to shed light on death and counsel people grappling with mortality.
The magazine makes a powerful statement about diversity with Jillian Mercado, Mama Cax and Chelsea Werner.
Marsha Elle, a longtime amputee, didn't even wear shorts in public until she was 23.
25 Johns Hopkins surgeons and staff worked for 14 hours to transplant a penis and scrotum to an Afghanistan war veteran maimed by an I.E.D.
“It’s still weird to say that I was blown up. It’s still weird to say I was in a terrorist attack.”
Mike Schultz wasn't satisfied with the quality of high-performance prosthetics, so he decided to create his own.
Imagining you are somewhere else might help you eliminate phantom pain. Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology
"Today, technology and data intelligence are allowing people to change the way we address and ultimately solve our most pressing
There are outbreaks like Ebola, there are deadly storms, there are explosions, there are mass shootings. Even "everyday" nursing can be overwhelming at times. What separates the very top nurses is what they do from there.
Students at John Hopkins University are the first to develop a prosthetic foot that can adapt to heels up to four inches high.
Tommy "Guns" Ly hasn't let his prosthetic leg stop him from becoming an incredible b-boy.
"Cody has really done everything that they said he wouldn't do."
Having the incredible opportunity to hear Rob talk, I quickly picked up on his hard-won wisdom, gained from fearless acts performed on a daily basis. Acts most of us can't fathom. I am honored to share some of our conversation with you.
One little boy got a big boost of confidence from these cops -- and some strangers -- who cared.  Zalend Thames, a 9-year