Ari Fleischer

Trump himself has acknowledged that the 2018 midterms, above all, represent a referendum on his presidency.
"The risk is they trip him up over something innocuous," former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer said of a potential interview in the Russia investigation.
He may want to brush up on how things shook out for Iran's neighbor Iraq.
There's no proof the official code name for the war was ever "OIL."
"There is something enduring about a commitment to the public’s right to know and the obligation of the White House to tell."
Fleischer forecasts "a clash" coming between the new administration and the White House press corps, which he depicts as a smug, entitled bunch of liberal miscreants who are out to get poor Donald Trump.
The Bush family and many connected to it remain cool to the Republican nominee.
H/T Mediaite MSNBC's "Morning Joe" invited former White House press secretary Ari Fleischer on the program Wednesday morning
Leonard Downie, then the top editor of The Washington Post, said he didn't remember the specific call referenced by Abramson
On October 21, 2011, The New York Times reported on President Barack Obama's announcement that "the last American soldier
President George W. Bush faced a similar struggle in 2006, when he was forced to replace Donald Rumsfeld, his defense secretary
"These people didn’t even wear a military uniform. They engaged in battle against America as terrorists, a violation of the
Ari Fleischer Calls Nazis Law-Abiding During WWII
Hugo Chavez defied this history of power relations in the hemisphere. And for that defiance elite voices will vilify him, but a far larger number of people will see him as a hero.
Legislation passed by the Senate late Tuesday night will limit the amount wealthy people can claim for charitable deductions on their taxes. One dissenter is Ari Fleischer, a former White House press secretary under President George W. Bush. Fleischer tweeted his distaste for the deduction decision on Tuesday.
It was interesting that virtually the entire foreign policy discussion focused on the Middle East, as if nothing else around the world matters. Not a peep about the European financial meltdown, for example, and how they'd help fix the collapsing economies of Spain, Greece and Italy. So who "won?"