bang bang

From Justin Bieber to Kylie Jenner, celebrity tattoo artist Bang Bang's been inked by some of Hollywood's most A-list figures
Jessie J can’t just sing, she can do it with her mouth closed. That’s right -- closed. During a recent appearance on BBC’s
Jessie J sings "Bang Bang" with her mouth closed on the Graham Norton Show
The best way to commemorate the top songs of 2014 is by banging a pair of shoes together -- just ask Andrew Huang. "I was
SERIOUSLY, IS THERE A BETTER POP-STAR NAME THAN "ARIANA GRANDE"?: Congratulations to Grande, who beautifully set up her new
The music video for Jessie J, Ariana Grande and Nicki Minaj's collaborative single, "Bang Bang," debuted right after the
There are a few combinations that have changed the world: Bacon and ice cream, chicken and waffles, golden doodles, and chocolate
BB: My style is multi-dimensional. I try to do many, many different things. I try to never be a one trick pony. I learn from
Rihanna, who also has "Shhh" tattooed on a finger, a Maori design on her right hand and stars behind her ear (that match