BIOLA University

"While actions like these remain some of the most harmful to LGBTQ students, hope is not lost on any campus."
"Your silence on this is sending a confusing and damaging message..."
All Christians should do the very thing that Paul describes we do in his Epistles: “Bear with one another in love.”
How can colleges who believe that LGBT+ people are inherently flawed and sinful ever cultivate an environment in which we flourish
The English word 'love' and counterpart words in other languages cover a number of different phenomena.
Good teeth. A sense of humor. Physically attractive. Can be trusted. Dresses well. Easy to talk to. These are some of the common features men and women say they look for in a partner. But new research is suggesting another overlooked quality may be a key to lasting relationships: humility.
The top two are Mormon schools Brigham Young University and Brigham Young University-Idaho. A 2010 study out of BYU found
Right there, up in the pulpit, pretending to care about nothing so much as extending the love of Christ, is every encouragement any bully could ever need to viciously hound, beat to a pulp or push to suicide a desperately forlorn gay person.
If you imagine American Christianity as a 1950s city in the Midwest, Biola University would be its Central High. Biola is the sort of place where the Church Lady would have been head cheerleader. So you can imagine my surprise when, on the afternoon of May 9, I received this email.
Like many schools rooted in evangelical Christianity, Biola has a code of standards that includes prohibitions on sex outside
If Christian colleges are serious about moving forward in their diversity efforts, they need to listen to and empower the diversity officers on their campuses.
Church-based colleges are engaged in a delicate balancing act: training young artists -- with all that that traditionally entails in terms of the freedom to challenge authority -- in an environment that puts religion above all else.