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“I do feel entitled to have privacy about my daughter and my relationships,” said the actress, who is publicly single.
See Michael Keaton as Ray Kroc, the businessman who expanded the company.
While many of you likely don't have the time to read right now with finals and papers and all that fun stuff, you should remember this list for the summer time. Here is a list of books I've read and enjoyed that'll help you step outside your literary comfort zone!
We love her because she's her own freakin' boss. We love her because she fantasizes about being the oldest sister in a Jane Austen novel, with Taylor Swift as the youngest sister.
Novak wrote, "Thank you, Olivia of Portland!" "The Office" is chock full of wisdom. Like, never cook bacon in the middle
B.J. Novak is going back to school! The writer-actor, who starred on eight seasons of "The Office," will make a cameo appearance
Bestowed with an All Access badge and a headset, I was able to roam through every nook and cranny of the JW Marriott at L.A. LIVE in downtown Los Angeles at the show.
Fans of The Office know him as "Ryan," "the temp," or "the mildly smarmy one." Bigger fans know he was one of the show's
3 popped kernels (Scale: 0-4) Author P.L. Travers never wanted her Mary Poppins books made into a movie, but Walt Disney
Hanks IS Disney in these scenes, as we've never seen him before. But alive nonetheless, a human being with the imagination to launch a million childhoods.
Hancock is not an adventurous director, but this is not an adventurous film. It is, however, so entertaining that it will win you over. In fact, it did the nearly impossible; it made me want to see Mary Poppins again.
You're in "The Amazing Spider-Man 2," but we really don't know who your character is. Is it a secret role? No. I'm in a couple
And then there’s Tom Hanks as Walt Disney. I mean, look, there was no way Disney (the studio) was going to finance a movie
Another great tug of war stems from the push-and-pull chemistry between Lahiri and Castellano's characters. Often times when
I was starting to worry that Mindy had lost sight of the one thing that keeps hope alive episode after episode: The romantic comedy. But my fears quickly vanished on Tuesday night's episode of the "Mindy Project," titled "Harry & Sally."