bob vander plaats

Good news for the GOP presidential hopeful, who's seeing an uptick in the polls.
Over at The New York Times, Jonathan Martin has the story about the GOP state party officials in Iowa, fretting that they're
This is a crisis that has long murmurings in our political culture, but one that the LGBT rights movement has brought to a nasty and shameful head. The crisis: a threat to judicial independence.
(Reporting By Steve Holland; Editing by Bill Trott) Many conservatives are skeptical of Romney, believing he is not authentic
An Iowa Christian conservative leader who bestowed his highly sought-after endorsement on presidential candidate Rick Santorum
Increasingly, special interest groups nationally and in Iowa are asking presidential candidates to put their positions in
When someone asks me which of the candidates vying deserves our support, I will tell them to breathe deep and smell that crisp Iowa winter air. I'll tell them that if they pay close attention, they'll catch a whiff of something special. That something is Santorum.
Santorum is also staking his campaign's fate on his Iowa operation. He's fed his White House bid on a steady diet of retail
Santorum heavily lobbied for Vander Plaats' backing, telling Fox News recently, "It'd be a great boost for us. Whoever gets
But for Gingrich, the Iowa judicial battle was just another example of him determining, as The Huffington Post's Howard Fineman
The upshot? If elected, Gingrich promises to, you know, "cool it" with the adultery. “We are pleased that Speaker Gingrich
You tell people that if gay marriage is made legal, it's only a matter of time before the state or country will be full of
Gingrich also said that people should be mad about the secrecy of the Wall Street bailout. "All the Occupy movement starts
The national Supreme Court, in the case Caperton v. Massey, ruled that independent expenditures on behalf of a state Supreme
"If you diss this base in the primary season, it will be very hard to motivate this base to do door knocking and phone calling
WATCH: ST. PAUL, Minn. -- Republican Tim Pawlenty says he won't sign a pledge written by a conservative Iowa group that asks
Rep. Michele Bachmann, R-Minn., signed the pledge, but campaign spokeswoman Alice Stewart told Politico that the candidate
Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum said he was "taken aback" by a controversial pledge introduced last week
I was interested in seeing who possibly would beg to differ with Serwer's premise. But while Michele Bachmann and Rick Santorum