BP oil

Over the previous four months, my colleagues have documented nature collapsing under the sea and on land in Australia from rising temperatures.
Gulf residents will have another shot at getting spill-related, medical claims paid following a proposed settlement between BP and plaintiffs, announced in early March.
All the right rich people want the Gulf squared in their rearview mirrors. The oil companies want to drill, and many politicians want the oil companies to stay happy so they can secure their donations come election time.
Instead of too big to fail, BP is too bad to fail. We cannot set in motion the laws that would ruin it because in doing so they may not have the resources to make good on the damages.
For all the godification in our culture, you'd think there'd be more examples of folks in high places leading peace-loving, selfless, humble, pious lives. And maybe they kinda are. Take the environmentally conscious BP.