Monarch butterflies migrating to Mexico's forests for the winter are down by 26% since last year.
People in multiple states can help science and aid butterfly protection by reporting their monarch sightings.
The beloved pollinator is "a candidate" for threatened or endangered status, but feds said it's behind other species waiting for the designation.
The star said she expected the Instagram comment.
Kristóf Milák blasted Phelps' 200 meter butterly mark out of the water at the world championships in South Korea.
A huge barrier will seal off 70 percent of a wildlife sanctuary closest to the Rio Grande.
The summer months are difficult for me, they always will be. Each day, the constant reminders of three years ago dance through my head. The beautiful moment of giving birth to my triplets is met with the tragic and painful memory of losing two of my children. As the years go by, life moves forward.