New Year's celebrations around the world vary from smashing plates to dressing up as bears.
1. Figure out your needs In sum, feeling positively about ourselves takes effort. But by changing our views, we can change
I’m no longer worried or stressed out about turning a year older.
Think for a moment about the private anniversaries of your heart.
I am not a Pollyanna. Make no mistake. I know we are imperfect; we are flawed and wrinkled, we can be cantankerous and cold
Conclusion: The parenting role of the father to his daughter may be one of the most difficult and significant of human relationships.
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Remember, those who have good sleep habits are the sturdiest ones. Challenge yourself to sleep seven to nine hours every night.
Plan a Cinco de Mayo fiesta everyone will love by including some of these delicious recipes! I decided to mix up the traditional
Now before everyone throws their arms up in the air and gives me their best mummy judging frowns let me explain... When I
In honor of Josh, I now share 21 Ways to Celebrate Life with you:
April 14 is National Ex Spouse Day. Who knew! I didn't, and now that I'm enlightened I want to positively celebrate my ex. Sounds crazy, huh? You probably think I'm a lunatic to do this given all I've written about recovering from divorce, being a divorced entrepreneur, a single dad, etc.
A Memory Bash is an excuse to get together as a group -- eating, drinking, and having a great time -- while celebrating loved ones who have passed away in the company of others drawn to do the same.
When is the last time you celebrated your own accomplishments? I'm a member of a business mastermind group that meets quarterly. The leader of the group constantly reminds us to celebrate our accomplishments at each retreat
Although Congress hasn't made it official yet and no one's getting the day off, we're spending the day celebrating the sharing
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Thank you, Martin Luther King Jr., for inspiring faith, dreams, and all the power they hold for our world. The greatest gift we can give to each other is little steps in faith, trust, compassion, and bringing our dreams to light.
Happy New Year! Will it be or won't it be? That's the million-dollar unanswerable question. Looking at what we have right now, I wish I could feel optimistic.