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The wonderful dramedy starring Awkwafina joins films like "Lady Bird" and "Support the Girls" in the ways they address everyday economic anxieties.
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Even though this is common in Chinese culture, I have mixed feelings about it.
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The Toronto Raptors player explained he felt a calling to speak out about Asian-American issues after he rose to global fame.
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The teacher says he hopes his case will push forward Chinese society to be "more balanced and accepting.”
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Though many viewers loved the film, not everyone appreciated the nods to Chinese culture in “Bao.”
The collaboration leaned heavily on artists and writers from China.
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The boisterous new diaspora from China is of a different breed. Their voice in the U.S. will only become louder as their home country becomes more powerful.
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One recent promising case demonstrates the potential benefits of meaningful cultural exchange. China has a growing ambition
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As with any other cuisine, appearance, aroma and taste are extremely important in enjoying Chinese food. Beyond these basic
Buying gifts for someone else never ranked as one of my top 10 most fun things to do. Not even back in America, where I grew
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Xi Jinping's foreign policy hinges on realizing "the China dream." But, beyond a nationalistic desire to "stand tall" on the global stage, few Westerners can articulate the underlying dynamics and motivations of Beijing's increasingly assertive behavior.
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Most Americans, only marginally less ethnocentric today than twenty years ago, have a simplistic, nuance-free view of China and the Chinese people. Although apprehensive about the rise of an economic juggernaut and its impact on the American way of life, the images China casts up are rooted in the past.
I was skeptical about the media and entertainment sector's ability to achieve healthy - profitable - growth. I have changed my tune.
"Greeks in Asia" is insightful, timely, and extremely important. Ironically, Boardman warns us we "ignore or mistrust" Herodotos
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As every Philadelphia schoolchild learns, William Penn designed the city around 5 public squares. Rittenhouse Square centers
This week's HotTopic is about skin care products in China. There was a kind of game going on where girls would gather up all the skin care products they had in their bathroom, and then post the products on social media.
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Chinese "big-character posters," or dazibao, are handwritten posters mounted on walls and published in papers or pamphlets
For the thousands making their way through the store's mock-up homes, this isn't just a Sunday chore, where you get in and get what you need and get out, hoping to God you can assemble the dam thing once you get it home. This is a serious outing!
Go, according to Wikipedia, is a 2,500-year-old Chinese game "and is one of the oldest board games played today."{i} With