And you thought your nightmares were bad. 😱
Experts believe it may be some kind of monkey.
"Having studied biology and spent a lot of time camping and hunting and fishing and being out in the wilderness, I've seen
"If they bulldoze the bush to make way for a planned highway bypass, the fairies will come. To curse the road and all who
Although the news of the alleged chupacabra capture attracted worldwide attention, game warden Rex Mays told the Victoria
"There's no hair on it, but it's definitely not infected with mange," she said. "There are no sores, or raw skin. It's very
“Big, long ,pointy ears, long tail, had no skin, or no fur, but you could see splotches of gray,” Black told KXAN. Chupacabra
In 2007, Texan Phylis Canion found the carcass of an animal that she calls a "Texas blue dog" on the side of the road. It
The Lake Champlain Monster, Jersey Devil, Chupacabra: They are elusive creatures of folklore and celebrities of the cryptozoology world - and they are about to meet the World Champion.
The animal Harrell shot is almost without hair and its nails are longer than what most dogs would have on its paws. That