Phyllis Canion, a nutritionist from Cuero has a similar-looking creature preserved in her home that some think might also
The tales of the Loch Ness monster have spawned a booming tourist economy in Scotland. People can take cruises around Loch
She named the creature "Chupie" and fed it corn and cat food for a few days. Ben Radford, a science-based paranormal investigator
A few years ago, she had vets at University of California Davis perform numerous DNA tests on her own chupacabra, and results
After snapping photos of the alleged chupacabra, he sent them to a trapper from Ohio, who visited and left cages to try and
The Lake Champlain Monster, Jersey Devil, Chupacabra: They are elusive creatures of folklore and celebrities of the cryptozoology world - and they are about to meet the World Champion.
That opinion changed after he saw the bizarre animal's red glowing eyes. Her creature weighs around 40 pounds and has steel
Its appearance indicated it must be a canine, but nothing like I had ever witnessed in all my years of observing wildlife. It was not long after several sightings that I began to find my chickens, killed, but left for other predators to carry off and savor.
"We know the animal that killed the chicken licked the blood," Canion told The Huffington Post. "It opens the throat in the
Imagine how you would react to this incident: One day you walk outside to your car parked next to your house. You are shocked to discover that the front fender and bumper have been mangled and punctured during the night by... something
We here at "I'm With Stupid" plan to use the DNA we've sequenced to create live chupacabras and wampus cats to sell as pets.
The team of filmmakers, who work for Crazy Rebel Productions, is comprised of of digital video students at the Art Institute
We don't expect our craziest urban legends to exist for good reasons, but we do at least expect their origins to be mysterious
One man who was looking after the sheep in their pens said he saw the creature responsible for the attacks. He reportedly
Witnesses say Prince Chupa is shy and not aggressive, unlike the chupacabra's reputation as being a cold-hearted livestock killer that sucks the blood of its victim, leaving the carcass in plain sight, frightening skittish ranchers and children.