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"People working for Bernie Sanders wouldn’t like all of their emails released tomorrow.”
LOS ANGELES — Hillary Clinton became the presumptive Democratic nominee on Monday night, but Bernie Sanders still has a big
The next contests will be held June 7, with the final contest in Washington D.C. on June 14.
The Clinton and Sanders campaigns are harming themselves and each of their chances of defeating the Republican nominee by descending into the gutter of charges over whether or not the other is qualified to be President.
Washington (CNN)Bernie Sanders said Wednesday that Hillary Clinton was not "qualified" to be president, an escalation in
For the GOP contenders, it is an 'all-in poker hand' to decide how the rest of the nomination game plays out. For the beleaguered voters Wisconsin is a 'minimax-regret' game where they try to calm their own fears by voting to minimize buyer's remorse.
It may be too late in the process for the remaining Democratic voters and superdelegates to rethink the electability issue and vote for Bernie in sufficient numbers to give him the nomination, although Sanders supporters can still hope for a semi-miraculous upset.
The heat is on for the Clinton campaign.
Steyer is one of the party's biggest donors.