computer fraud and abuse act

Its vague wording often leads to outlandish maximum sentences for hackers -- and some lawmakers want them to be even stricter.
Civil liberties advocates and tech experts also point out that it's not just malicious hackers who could be implicated under
The 14 defendants were charged under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, which critics say is overly broad and exposes computer
Most of the defendants in the Paypal 14 case are due in federal court in San Jose, Calif., on Thursday morning. Lawyers for
"The result is a proposal that we believe, if enacted into law, safeguards commonplace online activity from overbroad prosecution
In this case, the companies' attorney argues that Scripps' reporting methods violated the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act -- a
The flurry of lobbying against the new bill, which advocates said would make the CFAA even more dangerous in the hands of
In the DOJ's world, this means anyone under 18 who reads a Hearst newspaper online could hypothetically face jail time. But Hearst's publications aren't the only ones with overly restrictive usage terms.
Dear Attorney General Holder: I am writing to associate myself with my colleague Senator John Cornyn's letter to you regarding