Confederate States of America

The statue's removal follows the public college facing allegations of systemic racism.
The marble statue of a saluting Confederate soldier will be taken to a Civil War cemetery.
“This is nothing but typical bluster,” Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said after Trump threatened to veto the defense spending bill.
Why pander to the "heritage" of a rebellion started solely to defend the right to own Black people as slaves? Critics say it’s simple: He’s a racist.
The trio drops the word that is a nickname for the South and is linked to the Confederacy.
Robert Gates suggested some Army installations be renamed for Black Medal of Honor recipients.
A 2011 Pew research poll found that nearly 48 percent of Americans still believe the Civil War was a fight over “states rights.”
Trump's Veterans Affairs secretary referred to Jefferson Davis as an "exceptional man in an exceptional age."
America loves to extend unconditional forgiveness to racists, and it's going to be our downfall.
Some items with Confederate and Nazi symbols are still available for purchase.