Danish People's Party

Denmark's justice minister claimed veils like the niqab are "disrespectful."
"If you can touch people’s feelings that way ... it’s like a hand extended in friendship," says Annette Bellaoui.
International human rights organizations have protested the new measures.
COPENHAGEN -- No country celebrates its democracy like Denmark. But is that democracy still worth celebrating?
LONDON -- Across Europe, voters are increasingly discontent with political movements that were once part of civic life but have now become appendages of the state -- a governing class that seeks office rather than a chance to represent ideas or groups in society.
When we pretend that color doesn't matter, we're making people of color invisible and ignoring an essential part of their experience in a white dominant society.
The neo-Nazis and immigrant bashers will make a lot of noise, but they offer nothing but hate as an economic solution. The left has a better one, and they are back.
Although the European right wing parties have varied programs they all have at least two points in common. They are not really concerned with global warming, but rather focus their political efforts on xenophobic concerns.