David Bernhardt

Agency officials have slammed the 1973 law as “a sword to tear down the American economy" and likened species listings to "incoming Scud missiles."
The 43-mile pipeline was approved by the Trump administration after former Cadiz lobbyist David Bernhardt became deputy secretary of the interior.
David Bernhardt’s apathy about the global crisis has become fuel for Democrats, including a few running for president.
David Bernhardt oversees some 500 million acres of federal land -- one-fifth of the United States.
David Bernhardt said there is no law mandating that he combat global warming: "You guys come up with the shalls.”
Daniel Jorjani, a former Koch brothers adviser, has been tapped to serve as the agency’s top lawyer. He'll likely face face tough questions Thursday.
A Campaign Legal Center complaint outlined a "pattern of ethical misconduct" at the federal agency.
David Bernhardt, a former fossil fuel lobbyist, was confirmed as the new Interior secretary four days ago.
The former oil lobbyist has served as acting secretary since Ryan Zinke's departure. Critics have dubbed him the “ultimate D.C. swamp creature.”
A Greenpeace campaigner saw she was just behind David Bernhardt's shoulder and took her moment.
The former oil and gas lobbyist said Thursday that extending his ethics recusals would leave him “handcuffed.”
New analysis shows ex-clients of longtime lobbyist David Bernhardt have had dozens of meetings with top agency officials.
One speaker in the 2017 tape boasts of a petroleum group's links to David Bernhardt, who is now the acting Interior chief.
Critics saw the announcement as an attempt to greenwash his anti-conservation record.
Six senior agency officials are named in a complaint filed Wednesday with Interior’s Office of Inspector General.
The former oil and gas lobbyist has served as acting agency chief since Ryan Zinke resigned early this year.
David Bernhardt met with lobbyists for MGM Resorts who oppose a tribal casino. Interior has now balked at approving that casino.
According to an ethics agreement David Bernhardt signed, he's prohibited from participating in matters involving his former employer.