David Henry Hwang

The off-Broadway musical's cast album will be released Friday. HuffPost has a first listen to one of the songs.
The "play with a musical" takes a satirical look at being Asian in modern America.
David Henry Hwang peers into the fleetingly short life of martial arts artist-turned-actor Bruce Lee in his rich new bio-play, Kung Fu.
Chinglish follows an American businessman's ventures in China as he seeks to sign a contract for his family’s firm. While
"Our [level] of research probably wouldn't have been able to happen without Google," said Pun Bandhu, an Asian-American actor
On a deeper level, Chinglish explores the old and new China. Daniel is selling signage to an arts complex, not the Red Guard. The minister despairs of acrobats, but longs for classical Chinese opera.
The Western media make China's success seem too successful, and its failures seem too profound. The truth lies somewhere in between, buried in the details of real life.
It's close to midnight in a Manhattan recording studio, and a songwriter is listening to a work in progress, one that he
DHH: Theater is uniquely positioned to address issues of community simply because it's not mass media. I do some work in theater. I do some work in film and television.
The production contained some pre-requisites for the medium -- a tragic storyline that centered around love, sex and three principles, making it a theoretical candidate for an operatic treatment.