Don Young

The former state representative pulled off an upset win to serve out the remainder of the late Rep. Don Young’s term.
Mama Grizzly is back 🙄 Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has set her sights on Congress.
A decade after her failed vice presidential bid, the former Alaska governor is running to replace conservative GOP Rep. Don Young, who died last week.
The longest-serving Republican in U.S. House history will lie in state in the U.S. Capitol on March 29.
The Republican was the longest-serving member of the 117th Congress, holding the state's single congressional seat for 48 years.
“I call it the beer virus. How do you like that?” Republican Rep. Don Young said in March.
Here’s where Democrats could gain ground on Election Day if we see a blue wave.
Rep. Don Young of Alaska really didn't want to answer this one.
It's a long shot, but Alaska independent Alyse Galvin is raising lots of money and just might catch the Democratic wave.
Meanwhile, the Trump administration is eyeing whether to open marine national monuments to commercial fishing.