Don Young

It's a long shot, but Alaska independent Alyse Galvin is raising lots of money and just might catch the Democratic wave.
Meanwhile, the Trump administration is eyeing whether to open marine national monuments to commercial fishing.
“It’s offensive for anyone to manipulate the history of the Holocaust to score political points," the Anti-Defamation League said.
“I feel like I have very good aim,” said one House Republican.
The bill would reclassify marijuana from a Schedule I to Schedule II drug; end federal prosecution of medical marijuana in states where it is legal; allow banks to provide financial services to marijuana-related businesses that are operating legally under state law; and allow Veterans Administration physicians to recommend medical marijuana, among other provisions.
Young also reportedly "freaked out" on his 2014 Democratic challenger ahead of a debate that same month. “How many of you
Alaska Republican Rep. Don Young, famous for his salty tongue and brusque demeanor, suggested Thursday that if he let loose wolves in some congressional districts, they “wouldn’t have a homeless problem anymore.”
Below, a liveblog of more election news: Young was first elected to Congress in 1972 and is the longest-serving Republican
Rep. Don Young criticized Democrat Forrest Dunbar on Thursday for bringing up U.S. House ethics violations in a televised debate for U.S. Congress, arguing that he was found not guilty because he received a letter of reproval, not a sanction.
The moderator prodded further on whether he would support ENDA. "Probably," said Young. It's not a decisive statement by
Almost two-thirds of working Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, and they're worried sick about whether their kids will ever make it. They need leaders who understand their plight instead of denying it.
Rep. Don Young (R-Alaska) personally apologized for some eyebrow-raising remarks he made about suicide while speaking at
Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-Alaska) said Thursday night that she had talked to Young and "encouraged him to rethink the past few
"I felt the oxygen go out of the room, but I gasped as well," Spargo told Alaska Dispatch News. "It just isn't true in these
"Immaturity was the thing you said behind the curtain there, Congressman Young," he said. According to Forrest Dunbar, the