Donald Trump 2020 presidential campaign

CNN's Jake Tapper told Mark Meadows there's "no evidence of widespread voter fraud." The White House official's rebuttal was a real head-scratcher.
The order will prohibit any U.S. transactions with the Chinese-owned parent companies of the apps, citing national security concerns.
The rock legend says he doesn’t want his music used as a theme song for a “divisive un-American campaign of ignorance and hate."
So far, $216.6 million of spending by Trump’s campaign and related committees has flowed through just two firms, with no disclosure of how that money was spent.
The former campaign manager's "Death Star" boast is now blowing up on him.
"You will notice the Trump campaign has abandoned the slogan 'Keep America Great,' because they made America suck and realize it," one critic wrote.
Some 12,000 "Do Not Sit Here" stickers to help protect people attending from COVID-19 were removed by the campaign, according to arena management.
Why pander to the "heritage" of a rebellion started solely to defend the right to own Black people as slaves? Critics say it’s simple: He’s a racist.
President Trump’s advisers pushed for adding another debate to the schedule, a proposal that Biden's campaign manager said is distracting.
The anti-Trump Lincoln Project targeted the president's lackluster turnout in Tulsa, Oklahoma with a Jurassic Park-inspired attack ad.