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Those killed were remembered fondly by friends, family and neighbors.
People making these types of appeals are generally felons in prison, with convictions for everything from murder on down
The BGA reports that the village's former village manager Jason Ervin -- now a Chicago alderman -- and other village officials
A mortgage foreclosure surplus fund of profits generated in property sales dating back to the 1990s holds millions that belong
Munoz is part of a group of progressive Latino legislators looking to gain power in city, county and statewide office. In
Clerk of the Circuit Court Dorothy Brown released a report Thursday she said "vindicates" her handling of the "Jeans Day
Cook County Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown may have scrapped her controversial "Jeans Day" fund-raisers, but the county's
Cook County Board President Todd Stroger isn't accustomed to getting a lot of respect. Since taking over the job his father
All of the candidates in this race were dead, dull and boring.
Stroger took office in 2006. His father, John Stroger, who had served as Board President for the twelve years prior, suffered
Many also took time on the soapbox as they cast their own votes. Governor Pat Quinn, who is facing a vigorous primary challenge
On the cusp of the February primary, Cook County Board President Todd Stroger has fired the chief executive of one of the
Cook County Board hopeful Dorothy Brown is fighting mad about a statement made in an opponent's campaign ad -- and she's
Fliers comparing Ald. Toni Preckwinkle to Aunt Jemima are being distributed in the South Side. The fliers, designed to resemble
Many new indicators released Friday give Toni Preckwinkle a strong lead in the Cook County Board President's race. Most telling
More bad news Friday for Todd Stroger's bid for re-election as Cook County Board President, and it comes in the form of dollars
While her failed oversight of the $3 fines she charged employees for wearing jeans on Fridays may not amount to a lot of
Todd Stroger this morning is touting a new poll that shows a closer race for the Cook County Board President than the Chicago
So far, Chicago Alderman Toni Preckwinkle took in more money in 2010 than any other Democratic candidate for Cook County