Easter Island

Archeologist Jo Anne Van Tilburg fears that the giant heads are being damaged by tourists climbing all over them.
In tears, the Easter Island governor asked for the sacred sculpture, whose name, Hoa Hakananai’a, translates to “lost or stolen friend.”
4. Explora Rapa Nui, Easter Island, Chile “Do the megalithic statues, go to the summit of Maunga Terevaka, and hike through
About half the island's statues were still in preparation at the moment when the civilization collapsed. They stand as a haunting reminder of the greatness we can attain and its futility.
When you're traveling to the most remote airport in the world, you can expect a few limitations in getting from point A to
The days after Christmas can be bluesy, a let down after the build-up of all that good cheer. Looking forward to a good post-holiday trip can keep spirits bright, and spirits will be even brighter if the far away place that beckons is inexpensive.
When Edward Norton thinks about a trip of a lifetime, visiting Campi ya Kanzi, the Maasai community-owned eco-lodge in the Chyulu Hills of Kenya holds a top spot on his bucket list.
Whether it's skiing in the Andes Mountains, hiking and exploring in Patagonia and Easter Island, or dining in the beautiful, multicultural city of Santiago, Chile offers an unmatched variety of landscapes, activities and attractions for just about anyone.
World leaders seem to be one-upping each other when it comes to protecting marine life.
In addition to thinking about how we use our resources in our communities, it's important to observe the changes that occur
Rapa Nui's enigmatic stone statues have long drawn travellers to this isolated Pacific island, but with its wealth of outdoor pursuits and culture there's so much more to discover.
But new research suggests another possibility: that harsh environmental conditions on the island--from variations in rainfall
Walt Disney sped up the tempo from the original version and made it more cheery, but it is arguably a simple message that we continue to strive for decades later.
Any sculpture or monument has the potential to be impressive, but there's something about the intricate carving of stone that has fascinated the masses as far back as ancient Egyptian times (some might argue longer).
Enjoy Greenland's arctic landscapes, Namibia's sand dunes, or Chile's mysterious Easter Island. So rack up the frequent flyer miles and check into one of the Top 10 Remote Hotels Worldwide.
Dr. Mara Mulrooney wants to debunk Jared Diamond’s famous assertion that the people of Rapa Nui, or Easter Island, committed “environmental suicide.”