“What’s going to carry us as Democrats is not playing it safe,” Warren said as she and Sanders promised they can beat President Donald Trump.
“The conversation too often suggests certain voters will only vote for certain candidates,” said the senator and 2020 presidential contender.
No reporters were arrested four years ago, but they've been grabbed at mass protests since then.
But it might not last through a general election, or even help him in the primary.
People support presidential candidates for a variety of reasons, and instead of jumping to conclusions about the character of those who disagree with us, we should listen to those reasons and evaluate them on their merits. At the same time, ethics and evidence matter.
Bernie is tailor made for this populist moment. In a time of epochal economic imbalance, he proposes real and bold solutions -- and it's not about him, it's about us.
Democrats have been handed a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to put our dream candidate in the White House, with no compromises for "electability", and have that candidate put the Supreme Court solidly in liberal control for decades.
Yes, we've got two primary races to be decided this Saturday, in two different states and two different parties. Democrats in Nevada and South Carolina Republicans will both vote on the same day, for no real logical reason. Let's take a look forward to Saturday's races.
Given that a lot of people think about electability, it's worth looking at some evidence. The numbers indicate that the Democrats' electoral prospects would be better under Bernie Sanders than under Hillary Clinton for two important reasons.
A vexing variant of this form of address appears to be at work in the orchestrated propagation of a 'meme' by some high-profile
If you are a Bernie supporter today, what you need is ammunition. Not to persuade your Democratic friends that Bernie is desirable -- that's another argument -- but to persuade them that he is electable.
Most Democratic voters don't see her as their only chance of winning.
Last week the highly trusted Quinnipiac University National Poll ("Q-Poll") delivered both bad news and good news for Bernie Sanders. The unpromising lead is: Sanders polls 30% behind Clinton, among Democrats.
The sheer size of the Republican field, even at this early date, is downright astonishing. By some calculations, there are over two dozen valid possibilities for the Republican nomination.
If you're in need of a little political brush up, here are five reasons Super Tuesday is the second most important election day of 2012.
If Obama were to beat Romney in 2012 the tea party folks and the extreme Christian right will certainly blame the loss on running yet another moderate Republican.
In "The Party Decides," a much acclaimed book on presidential nominations, four prominent political scientists argue that