email scam

Abacha Tunde's top secret mission is too good to be true.
You maybe surprise to receive this message from me. Its contents may sound strange but every word is all true. I am KRISS KRINGEL or THE SANTA CLAUS. Hohoho! I know when you sleeping and when your awakened and my belly shakes like jelly bowl.
My Facebook pal Jeannie received the email several weeks ago. A close friend passed away and the service was taking place the following day. Jeannie thought about sending a sympathy card or paying her respects in person. There was just one small problem. "I wish I knew who I lost," she messaged me.
As we continue to see high rates of unemployment, foreclosures, and bankruptcies; a lot of people that are in financial restraints fall victim to these types of scams. Unfortunately, once you fall prey to this there's really nothing anyone can do. Here are some tips to protect yourself.
The 64-year old billionaire reportedly has an "obsession" with the usage of email, making herself susceptible to scammers