extreme poverty

“This is an injustice that has been largely hidden from most Americans," said the New Jersey senator and presidential hopeful.
The climate crisis threatens human rights and could push another 120 million people into poverty by 2030, a U.N. report says.
While implementing huge tax cuts for the rich; Trump uses fraud as a smokescreen to take from the poor
A network of diaper banks now alleviates some of the suffering caused by the 1996 gutting of welfare.
To feel powerless in the face of need is to ignore that need is only a signal of an opportunity to innovate. So, take a step
Even though poverty is declining worldwide.
This failure to protect is getting to be a bad habit. Children are prone to something called toxic stress. The phenomenon
“There’s no investment that has a return anything like being able to breed chickens.”
Here's how: Incentivize collaboration - Consider dedicating a piece of your portfolio to fund partnerships between your stellar
Making progressive change isn't easy. It requires activism, sound political strategy, and endurance. But we also need something less tangible: faith that the future can be better than the present.