fatal crash

Harry Dunn described seeing his son for the last time following the crash with an American who later invoked diplomatic immunity and left the U.K.
Experts say the autonomous vehicles sensors should have identified that a person was in the road.
Jackson and his Uber driver were struck on the side of an interstate highway in Indiana.
Kevin Bell, 39, and Nikki Reed, 37, a mother of three, had been missing since Saturday.
The National Transportation Safety Board revealed its findings about the crash on Wednesday.
The family sustained serious injuries in the crash, which killed one person.
Captain Clarence "Ole" Helgevold Jr. was originally charged with manslaughter when his car crashed with a snowmobile in January
From the Sun-Times: A few bystanders who saw the crash rushed to the car, broke a window and tried to rescue the burning
The funeral of a Chicago police sergeant killed in a single-car crash early Monday as he drove to the scene of a North Side
As officers mourned the death of a Town Hall District sergeant killed in a crash while responding to a burglary, Chicago
Lumpkin failed his field sobriety test at the scene of the crime, and later chemical testing showed cocaine in his bloodstream
Amy Alanis barely saw the car speeding at them with its lights off. "He just came at us," she said through tears from her
Four close friends who grew up together in the south suburbs died Saturday morning in Crest Hill when the car they were riding
One man was killed and another man was arrested on suspicion of drunken driving after plowing into a parked Jeep and flipping