David Lidstone, 82, failed to show up for a contempt of court hearing Thursday in his tug-of-war with a Vermont landowner over a patch of forest.
The administration will end large-scale logging of old-growth trees in “America’s Amazon" as part of its effort to fight global climate change.
After the storm, Puerto Rico’s forests performed incredible feats of recovery. What can humans learn from that?
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But one group is fighting to conserve working forests and keep rural economies alive.
It is crucial to show local governments and people that primates are worth more alive than dead. For instance, tourists pay
  Peru has been a leader in moving towards a new "green+gray" approach to water, with an innovative new program allocating
To be sure, there is still a lot of work to be done. But with effort, dedication and a willingness to listen to sometimes
Six years ago, governments also pledged to act against forest degradation and deforestation. They said that by 2020 all forests