golden parachutes

Roger Ailes is being paid quite handsomely to leave Fox News.
Two former Clinton aides at the State Department had received bonuses when they left their bank jobs.
Two former Clinton aides received bonuses from Wall Street banks when they left to join her at the State Department.
RUTHERFORD IN FRONT A June 20 Capitol Fax/We Ask America poll of Republican voters has Treasurer Dan Rutherford in the lead
ConocoPhillips did not respond immediately to a request for comment by The Huffington Post. While golden parachutes may seem
"Maybe my fellow ex-Gannett employees and I -- at least those of us that have managed to avoid foreclosure on our own homes
Only a few short weeks after announcing a centralization of layout and copy editing that will cost jobs at its more than 300 newspapers across the nation, GateHouse Media revealed it has awarded hefty bonuses to its top four executives.
While executive compensation has been the focus of criticism, the report contends that the purpose of predetermining such
In the wake of a continued corporate sycophancy from the country's hard right, it is encouraging to see a movement brave enough to address the problem of American inequality and pragmatic enough to include all those who suffer as a result.
NEW YORK ( -- If embattled BP chief executive Tony Hayward leaves the company, he is not likely to walk with
Sen. Reid's new bailout bill for the Detroit Three does not set additional fuel-economy requirements, nor does it establish a government oversight board. That's two strikes against getting our money's worth.
"His employment will end at the end of the year," Lehman's lead bankruptcy lawyer, Harvey Miller of Weil, Gotshal & Manges
The executives can get a huge bonus or salary or golden parachute, all they have done is not make it tax deductible if it is over $500,000.
Corporate Executives jump ship, golden parachutes intact, while employees lower down the totem pole walk away having lost retirement accounts, nest eggs and health care coverage.
But the UK's News Of The World via The NY Daily News has some juicy details, obtained from a spywitness!: In interviews with
The government's rules specify that participating banks must claw back payments to senior executives if those payments were