“It is a sickening thought that this doctor might have preyed on international Asian students because he believed they were naive."
Since there are no recommended screening tests, the best way to catch ovarian cancer as early as possible is to be aware of the symptoms and see a doctor if you have any concerns. Unfortunately, the warning signs can be vague and are often missed or mistaken for gastrointestinal ailments.
At first, I struggled with my diagnosis. It seemed to confirm every misogynistic joke I'd ever heard about women on their
It is important for older women who are still at risk for unintended pregnancy to understand that birth control methods they
I share my story of discovery, treatment, and recovery to encourage other women to advocate for their health. If you notice
"Making mistakes humbles you and allows you to learn," Dr. Patricia Rekawek advises the residents as she addresses the Mount Sinai Department of Obstetrics, Gynecology and Reproductive Science on graduation night.
Women's pelvises are sensitive to hormonal changes, and probably environmental changes, according to the research.
Of course, I'd shock a bunch of people and make them very uncomfortable. A few library patrons might even drop a note to
I've always had an interest in space, being a Star Trek fan as a teenager. Dr Beverly Crusher inspired me to do the work