Jack Hunter

Paul, on the public radio show "On Point," bristled at questions from guest host John Harwood of CNBC about a recent Economist
Paul defended Hunter in an interview with The Huffington Post's Howard Fineman, calling his aide "incredibly talented," but
In all the brouhaha surrounding Jack Hunter, the aide to Sen. Rand Paul exposed as a longtime neo-Confederate activist this week, Hunter's past as the leader of the Charleston, S.C., chapter of the League of the South hardly registered.
Sen. Rand Paul stoutly defended an aide who, as a radio shock jock in South Carolina, praised John Wilkes Booth, heaped scorn on Abraham Lincoln and wore a ski mask emblazoned with the stars and bars of the Confederate Battle Flag.
“I think it's hard. The thing is, I grapple with this. What am I supposed to do? I'm going to have a lot of people working
Though Paul has drawn favor from liberals for his defense of civil liberties and opposition to America's wars, the MSNBC host argued on Tuesday night's installment of "All In With Chris Hayes" that it's impossible to take him seriously after the revelation that one of his aides used to be a neo-Confederate activist.
This isn't an isolated incident, Hayes argued, listing the three "white supremacist strikes" Paul has racked up so far. "Strike
That year, Hunter wrote a response (hosted at InfoWars.com) to those worried about Ron Paul's newsletters: "As a long time
Beyond the censorship and ostracism politicians will create, libertarian journalists need to remember the one factor that is equally important to evading political regulations: winning public opinion.