jesse jackson

The activist and political leader said he's resigning as president of the Rainbow PUSH Coalition, the Chicago-based civil rights group he founded in 1971.
The 80-year-old Chicago civil rights leader was entering a campus building when he fell and hit his head, a spokesman said.
The Jacksons are hospitalized at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.
“The scope of what they won’t do is breathtaking," the civil rights activist said in his latest column for the Chicago Sun-Times.
An analysis of available data found nearly one-third of those who have died from the coronavirus are Black.
"I stand with him because he stands with you,” the civil rights activist told a crowd in Grand Rapids, Michigan.
“I think all of the candidates ... understand that you cannot win the nomination without the African-American vote,” the Democratic operative says.
"He should have the right to play and express himself at the same time."
If Trump is truly sorry for his words, he should pull out of the presidential race.
"In many ways, Bernie is running the Jackson campaign," he says now.