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The Watergate reporter was moderating a talk with New York Times reporters Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey about their book about the Me Too movement.
The now-disgraced movie mogul showed up early for a party at Paltrow's house, according to the book "She Said," by reporters who broke the Weinstein story.
The high-profile attorney came under fire again amid new details published about the forthcoming "She Said," written by Jodi Kantor and Megan Twohey.
For once, stories about the silencing of women won prizes, took the stand and toppled statues.
Jay Carney offers detailed response to front-page story -- two months later.
BOSTON — When the members of the Harvard Business School class of 2013 gathered in May to celebrate the end of their studies
Unlike the typical politician, Austen always signals the artificiality of her narratives. If only political narratives -- or all the pundits insisting we need them -- could be as honest. But what politician says, "enjoy the artificiality of my American success story?"
The reason my guys needed cellphones -- in case of emergency once they started wandering out in the world on their own -- is moot when the Secret Service is following you around all the time.
I want to be a woman who doesn't care. One of those women who doesn't notice. A woman who doesn't pay attention to girly stuff. To the stuff that women are supposed to care about.
A former campaign manager told Kantor, "If you were supposed to get 300 signatures and you only got 299, you had to face
"The book never describes her as an angry black woman," she said. "It describes her as a strong woman ... so what I assume
I thought after the Great Jonathan Franzen Debacle of 2001, no man would ever again dare to suggest publicly that there is an inferior class of books that only women read.
Kantor started by saying that she was very surprised by Michelle Obama's reaction to the book, especially her contention
The questions arise -- is Michelle Obama doing what she really wants? Is she OK with her current public image and public activities? Or has this image been foisted on her by her husband's political advisers?
Asked by King to respond to claims in a new book that suggested there was friction between her and former White House Chief
Note: this post has been updated to include Edward Felsenthal's account of the Barnes & Noble event. The New York Times reporter
First lady Michelle Obama stopped by "CBS This Morning" Wednesday to address claims about her relationship with the President
Jodi Kantor's tell-all on the First Family, "The Obamas," hit bookstores Tuesday after weeks of anticipation and speculation
The Obamas won't be the last book to corral a legion of unnamed alleged inside sources to spin their personal grudges and wounded slights into a juicy tangle of rumor, gossip, and exaggerations to sell a book.