Dee Ford of Kent, England, says she's getting nasty messages from Chiefs fans mad that linebacker Dee Ford got a penalty in the AFC Championship.
By John Grabowski, Case Western Reserve University In 1997, a student I taught while I was a Fulbright scholar in Turkey
Amery: ''It's not what you think." As a finishing touch, Amery and I head for a local pub, The Globe, to taste some traditional
Hundreds have signed a petition to change Canterbury West's name.
Normally the Kent School campus bustles with students of high school age but for two and a half days this summer the students were adults spending "vacation" days studying "What Comes Next" at the KentPresents ideas forum wrangling with subjects from cybersecurity to cancer to criminal justice.
All Photographs (c) Tim Allen, Courtesy of Tim Allen I published my second book, 'Artisans', in August 2014, and so far it
In some ways John is bringing street photography back to its roots - social documentary. Here we are not simply entertained
Like Us On Facebook Follow Us On Twitter The 74-year-old, who had spent weeks trying to find the tortoise herself, was happy
Each bar should be worth about $533 -- and by our count, there are 26 left. Diggers descended on Folkestone's Outer Harbor
A patchwork of Connecticut towns and the personalities that frequent them, Stars Hollow is firmly fictional, but its atmosphere
Rout 7 is U.S. highway, but it doesn't read like it was ever a road for moving goods or getting where you need to go.
For many aspiring first-time buyers, home ownership is becoming a distant dream in the United States and abroad. Decked out
The first big discovery that I stumbled on was that "Marilyn Monroe" was a character that she played, and that [despite] the
When I think back over my childhood, I remember one person who was truly unforgettable. Joe Overholt.