Land reform

The country's minister of international relations said Trump’s tweet “is based on false information."
December 5 was the first anniversary of Nelson Mandela's death. When we scratch beneath the surface, we find that the political bargain that he brokered to bring an end to apartheid while avoiding massive bloodletting and economic disintegration is now falling apart.
In the early 2000s, Zimbabwe's liberation president, Robert Mugabe, encouraged bloody takeovers of large commercial white-owned farms as part of his campaign to redistribute the country's fertile industrial agricultural land to previously disenfranchised blacks.
One of the charges brought against COPINH leader Berta Cáceres is illegal possession of a weapon "in contravention to the
You can order Harvesting Justice and find action items, resources, and a popular education curriculum on the Harvesting Justice
  "Honduras has been known for two things only: being a military base for the [contra] attacks on the Nicaraguan revolution
We live on the Atlantic coast of Honduras. We are a mix of African descendants and indigenous peoples who came about more
By Tory Field and Beverly Bell "We're fighting for our kids. We've started this movement for our children so they can have
The Landless Workers Movement In the 1950s and 1960s, struggles for land reform throughout the global South had some success
Writing from Honduras, Miriam, the coordinator of OFRANEH, told about the first victory in the Garífuna's most recent campaign to win back their legal and ancestral lands lost to mega-development projects.