Linda Hamilton

The actor recalled an on-set clash with the director while making the first film in the "Terminator" franchise.
Fortunately for Chris Pratt, it seems he's made a good impression on the "Terminator" actor.
The "Terminator" star opened up about her personal life and her decision to return to the action franchise nearly 30 years later.
The James Cameron-produced sequel, a follow to "T2," also shows the scruffy side of Arnold Schwarzenegger.
"I'm pumped to be back together again," Schwarzenegger wrote.
“The Terminator” reboot is rejoining the original squad including actress Linda Hamilton, Arnold Schwarzenegger and franchise creator James Cameron.
Movies that somehow play with the manipulation of time are surprisingly plentiful, as they tap into a fundamental fantasy we all share. It really is not worth trekking out to catch About Time. Here then are a few time-travel films worth staying home for.
When Claire Thomsen was 11, her parents pulled the rug out from her comfortable Malibu existence. They sold the family business, rented out the house, and spent the year roving the world, 27 countries in all, with Claire in tow...
Dog The Bounty Hunter has joined "Hawaii Five-0." Duane "Dog" Chapman is on his way to "Hawaii Five-0 to portray himself