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"My wish is to have more art than advertisements in public spaces."
New York deli institution Katz’s hopes to ship worldwide.
The Tenement Museum offers a series of tours to curious patrons.
Some decades ago, before it was rechristened the "East Village," New York's Alphabet City was a destination of true Bohemians, even literally, with the Czechs amongst other Eastern European immigrants. And then, in the late '50's and early '60's came the "intellectuals." Poets, novelists, jazz musicians and political progressives of all colors took up residence in that section of the city, living side by side with the immigrants.
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M: Why does-NOT calling Chinatown Soup an Art Gallery play a huge role in what you have created and matter to you immensely
"'Gallery' is a label that doesn't capture what Chinatown Soup is about. As a hybrid creative space, priorities and values differ from those of surrounding whitebox situations with commercial orientations."
Now that the dust has settled on New York's Democratic primary and Hillary Clinton's decisive victory, it's time to step back and try to make sense of the city's core political and economic interests.
Manhattan's art scene is one that fluctuates and migrates. Watching it over time, it starts to look like a natural process, like herding patterns, or erosion.
When I am invited to review a restaurant, I immediately check out the menu. When browsing the food at Kingsley, every dish
Renowned exhibiting artists include Tim Okamura, Esteban del Valle, Loan Chabanol, Toto Cullen, Erica Simone, Lina Valentina
One of the newest, and surely more significant additions to the Lower East Side is Galerie Richard as it recently moved from Chelsea to its current location at 121 Orchard Street.
It's not very often, when I walk into a gallery, that I feel a strong sense of calm curiosity. The work of Hyun Ju Park, which is currently on display at Causey Contemporary, has that affect.
In honor of the upcoming debauchery that is Halloween, I decided a creepily titled post was in order. Although despite the fact that 'they're out there' usually connotes something creepy to come, in this post, the reverse is going to be true -- I mean those three words in a good way.
"Pets can be an incredibly therapeutic presence in homeless people’s lives."