More than a thousand guns and piles of ammunition were seized in a posh Los Angeles mansion.
A man was arrested after authorities found the massive cache of weapons at a home in an upscale neighborhood popular with celebrities.
It's another small reminder of the Trump Cabinet's wealth -- and the CEO-to-worker pay gap in America.
Back in 1927 Oscar G. Mayer the son of Oscar F. Mayer used the family’s processed meat moola to move into this mansion just a stone’s throw from Lake Michigan and lived in the home until the mid 1960s
Known as Summerwind Mansion, the ruins are well known throughout the country with paranormal investigators, enthusiasts and thrill seekers.
People in the community were reportedly stumped as to who would want to harm Michael and Linda Walton. "We would like to
Summerwind mansion has always been steeped in legend and mystery and I had experienced its strangeness myself during a spring visit to explore the ruins.
Before Birkenstock bought it, the penthouse was listed at $25 million before dropping to $21 and then $14.5 million as the
Oh, the life of a rich and famous 18-year-old pop star. Such decisions. Miley Cyrus is saying sayonara to her neighbor and
Cameron Diaz and New York Yankees player A-Rod--aka Alex Rodriguez--were spotted shopping for art to fill his mansion. Do
Deciding to raise chickens in an apartment that's smaller than a chicken coop isn't something Jules Corkery and Robert McMinn are doing on a whim.
Thanks to Curbed LA for tracking down another architectural head scratcher. This 5 bedroom, 10 bathroom, contemporary Beverly
Richard E. Weintraub, president of real estate company Weintraub Financial Services Inc., is renting out his "movie star
Today marks the beginning of a new weekly series here on Huffington Post New York that takes a closer look at the best, worst
The Chicago Tribune reports that Le Grand Reve, a mansion in Winnetka, IL, was put on the market Wednesday for an asking
Is it true that Al Gore's mansion uses significantly more energy than the typical home? Daily Green investigates. Read more
The thing about being wealthy is that whenever I have parties, I never think that my friends are there just because they want to see me.
"I think John McCain is wrong. He doesn’t even know how many homes he has. … We’ve seen the McCain position as just a continuation