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One of the most frequent comments I hear from the athletes I work with is: "I had a lousy day of training." This statement was almost always accompanied by a variety of emotions that are neither pleasant nor helpful including frustration, anger, worry, doubt, and disappointment.
Another reality of physical injuries is that the mind gets damaged too, but little attention is paid to how the absence of "mental rehab" can prevent athletes from returning to or improving on their pre-injury level of performance.
If it's true that intuition is one of the soul's senses, then it makes sense as to why so many people live empty or meaningless lives. They construct their mindset through their physical experience -- their body's understanding -- which is survival.
Every athlete, from juniors to Olympians and pros, has experienced the feeling of frustration when they're not able to do something, whether physically, technically, tactically, or competitively: you feel stuck, get tense, lose focus, and get discouraged.