michael bay

The filmmaker "was never accused, much less ‘charged,’ with ‘killing’ an animal,” Bay's attorney wrote in a legal letter obtained by Variety.
The action film director vehemently denied that the pigeon or any animal was harmed.
"Songbird," which stars KJ Apa and Sofia Carson, envisions a four-year pandemic lockdown in Los Angeles due to a mutated coronavirus in 2024.
The "Transformers" star responded to a viral thread about how she was hypersexualized and mistreated as a young actor.
The talk show host is taking more internet flak as he goes on a prolonged summer vacation.
The not very good, high-octane Ryan Reynolds movie "6 Underground" debuts.
A new Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay movie debuts.
The "Deadpool" actor posted a behind-the-scenes look at the upcoming action movie "6 Underground."
It appears that someone had quite the growth spurt.