Extreme weather and conflict have a particularly accute impact on female farmers in the Philippines. PWRDF, CC BY-SA Alvin
President Rodrigo Duterte placed the island under martial law in May when armed militants and foreign fighters stormed Marawi City.
Muslims of Philippines break my heart. They are beautiful, devoted and sincere, but also poor, marginalized and living directly or indirectly under the shadow of war for nearly four hundred years.
Wendy quit her job for six months to get the shop, which had been a deli, renovated and up and running. Recently, she took
You don't have to be an expert to realize that with the Philippines' weak state institutions, hobbled by entrenched networks of political patronage, and only a single six-year term in office, there is just so much a well-meaning leader can do to overhaul a broken political system.
Following a number of recent setbacks in the elusive search for a lasting peace in Mindanao, the Philippine Congress is trying to rush the passage of the Bangsamoro 'Basic Law' -- a major component of the 2014 Comprehensive Agreement on the Bangsamoro -- in the hope of enacting the law prior to a mandatory adjournment of the Congress next month.
The Aquino administration and the MILF's top brass are seeking to present a common front in rooting out extremism in Mindanao. The ultimate challenge, however, is how to ensure justice for the victims of the massacre without undercutting genuine efforts at preventing a new round of all-out war between the AFP and the MILF.
President Aquino has been determined to end four decades of insurgency before stepping down in 2016, but there is now considerable doubt about whether he, or any successor, can be successful in achieving peace, given the ability of any variety of non-state actors to derail the process.
President Aquino has taken some bold moves during his presidency in an effort to achieve peace regarding the decades-long dispute over autonomy in Mindanao.
Aquino's speech succeeded in reminding Filipinos of what can and should be an appropriate baseline for critique.