New Deal

A historian delves into American liberalism's original Big Idea.
The original version of the proposal would have exempted rural white areas from work requirements.
There is precedent for former presidential nominees seeking office again, though not in a different state from the one they cut their political teeth in.
FDR would be shocked that universal health care as a right hadn’t become the law of the land decades ago!
It’s a little ironic that the Democratic Party that in 2016 nominated a losing presidential candidate who was heavily identified
The biggest political risk is moving from the undeniable truth that globalization could work better to the false conclusion that we are better off without it.
There are not just two sides of the political aisle on the ACA, there is a diverse range of experiences. If you want to know
No European nation can prosper sustainably if other Europeans are in the grip of depression.
It's becoming clear that our Middle Class--the midsection of U.S. earners and consumers--has shrunk alarmingly. And this
"As mass production has to be accompanied by mass consumption, mass consumption, in turn, implies a distribution of wealth
The recent U.S. election exposed two major intersecting fault lines in America that, if left unchecked, could soon produce an era of social and economic upheaval unlike any in our history.
Why is Hillary Clinton so well-qualified? President Roosevelt had a history of public service, first as Assistant Secretary of the Navy in 1926, then New York Governor, before serving as our President from 1933-46.
This is a bizarre time in U.S. presidential politics. American voters are faced with an unsavory choice between two presidential candidates, neither of whom would be viable if the other party offered a credible alternative.
Like our present Republican presidential candidate, La Guardia was supremely self-confident and brash, a real publicity hound who chased fire engines and conducted city orchestras. He loved strutting his stuff on the airwaves. But the similarities end there.
Harlan Green © 2016 He writes in the FRBSF's latest Economic Letter, It means also a return to a Keynesian mode of thought