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Twenty five years after the killing of his wife, O.J. Simpson joins Twitter and starts things off with a video.
"Who Is America?" got awkward in a prank interview with the notorious football star, but what did you expect?
Sunday was 25 years to the day of when it would have aired.
Simpson won his parole in July after 9 years in prison.
Neither the "trial of the century" nor his history of domestic abuse were brought up.
Disgraced former football star O.J. Simpson has been granted parole after spending nine years in jail for armed robbery and kidnapping.
"I’m not a guy that ever got in a fight on the street and with the public and everybody."
The former football star could be released as early as Oct. 1.
The state of Nevada could decide Thursday to release Simpson in October.
Our national appetite for absurdity has transformed since his disappearance behind bars nearly a decade ago.
For the crimes of which he's been convicted, the former superstar athlete has served his time.
Retired DA David Roger says, “I don’t know if granting him parole would be out of line here.”